Business Continuity and Cyber Resilience

DJW Working Group Meeting "Information Technology"

What can Japanese and German companies learn from each other?


2023-02-17, 16:00 - 17:00 (MEZ) オンライン

DJW member Dr. Hermann Gumpp would like to invite you to contribute to the DJW Working Group "Information Technology" this time covering "Business Continuity und Cyber Resilience":

Business Continuity Management, as a cybersecurity discipline, is defined as the capability of a company to continue delivering services and products after a disruptive incident. Ever since COVID-19 and the climbing number of cyberattacks, everyone inherently understands the value of business continuity management and the dependency of the global economy on continuously functioning value chains. 

While the German perspective has been focused on accidents and cyber threats, Japan has been subject to natural disasters of greater scope. Recent developments have shown: Japan is increasingly the target of cyber threats, while in Germany, the impact of climate change gives both the opportunity to look at best practices for setting up a digitally resilient business under the backdrop of the latest development. We will discuss the pros and cons of best practices in the context of Germany and Japan, depending on the business purpose, company size, and corporate culture.

The event will be moderated by our DJW member Arian Musa and the panelists are Dr. Hermann Gumpp and Dr. Sadaf Momeni.


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16:00 Welcome and Opening
16:15 Presentations and Panel Discussion
17:00 Close


Dr. Hermann Gumpp
Managing Director
Enobyte GmbH