Toray Industries Europe GmbH

DJW-Fördermitglied seit 2019

Toray Industries Inc. is a Tokyo-based leading global manufacturer of advanced materials. It was founded in 1926 as "Toyo Rayon" and initially produced artificial silk. Throughout its history, the company has continually expanded and changed its product range to adapt to changing market conditions.

Today, the product range of the whole Toray Group still includes textiles and fibers, but also plastics and high-performance chemicals, carbon fiber composite materials, water treatment products and medical products. As an integrated manufacturer, Toray is often involved in the entire production process – from the raw materials through processing to the sale of the end product.

As a result, the company achieves a special depth of competence in every step of value creation. Cultivated since the company was first established, Toray’s core technologies are “organic synthetic chemistry”, “Polymer chemistry” and “biotechnology.” In recent years, Toray has added “nanotechnology” to its core technologies.

Toray benefits from its special focus on research and innovation. Improving products constantly is part of the company’s DNA. Toray has its roots and headquarters in Japan but is globally active in 26 countries. The company comprises over 250 subsidiaries and partner companies in Europe, Asia and North and South America.