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For our English-speaking friends and members

The Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) was founded on the initiative of representatives of leading German companies in Japan in 1986 and was registered as a non-profit organization in Germany in 2001.

At present, DJW has more than 1,100 members from different industries, companies and institutions as well as private persons. Our members are active in various fields, but they are all united by their common interest in the German-Japanese exchange and business relations. DJW provides the perfect platforms for business, politics and the expansion of your network with our members and contacts.

Our services:

  • platform for networking, discussion, exchange of ideas and contacts: Networking Hub
  • regular symposiums, seminars, business breakfasts, lectures and career-related events in Germany and Japan in forms of online and offline
  • German-Japanese job pool (accessible online)
  • German-Japanese expert pool (our “who is who”, accessible online)
  • German-Japanese info pool (overview of Japan-Germany related publications, accessible online)
  • regular newsletter and other publications
  • working groups covering various topics
  • squads: agile, project-based teams that consist of our members and staffs of DJW.

… and more!

Many of our members and contact persons come from Germany and Japan. That's why our homepage is basically written in German and Japanese only. Sorry! But: English is used in many events as well as catch-ups as working language, so please feel free to contact us in English. We would love to welcome you as part of our network!