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Japamburg - German-Japanese Business Meet-Up in Hamburg

Connect Online with Young Professionals from the German-Japanese Business Environment

Veranstaltung unseres Mitglieds NIHHON

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Do 14.01.2021, 18:30 - 19:30 (MEZ)


Japamburg is an interactive business network between Germany and Japan for young & experienced professionals. We are offering regular online & offline meetings involving three very different stimulus presentations by inspiring guest speakers followed by networking and lively discussions, as well as creating a virtual community space where members can engage and discuss current topics. Join us for our first online meeting in 2021!

Japan and Germany are both countries with promising young & experienced professionals working in the German-Japanese business environment. Come and join our meet-ups starting in 2021! As a bilateral business community between Hamburg, Germany and Japan, we aim to establish a platform for likeminded professionals to engage with each other and create new ideas. We offer regular stimuli, content and promotion ideas to our members to kickstart their business between both countries. We want to influence the way our members think about norms and values in Germany and Japan and enable them to question conventional wisdom. Together as a community we will build lasting bridges between Germany and Japan. Due to the ongoing restrictions to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, we will hold our first event online. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to meeting you in person in the future and present information about German-Japanese business relations, business stories bridging both countries and intercultural points. And of course, there will be time to mingle with other members and exchange thoughts relevant for your business.


Event Overview Moderation: Johannes Budkiewitz (NIHHON) & Mariko Schmitz (Toshiko Arts)

We will be preparing an interesting collection of speakers with different topics to create food for thought, followed by a moderated discussion for all participants. 

Target group

We target young & experienced professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset, having general curiosity for business and out-of-the-box topics and networking.


English (German and Japanese can of course be used for networking)


Participation is free of charge. Please register via:  https://japamburg.com/. The link to our virtual meeting room will be shared in the week leading up to the meet-up after your successful registration.


For more information please contact: contact@japamburg.com

© Kookay auf Pixabay © Kookay auf Pixabay
Johannes Budkiewitz (NIHHON) Johannes Budkiewitz (NIHHON)
Mariko Schmitz (Toshiko Arts) Mariko Schmitz (Toshiko Arts)