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EPA Helpdesk Webinar 45: Rules of Origin

What to know before starting trade exchanges with Japan?

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Di 25.01.2022, 10:30 - 11:30 (MEZ)


This webinar is part of a series of webinars by the EU-Japan EPA Helpdesk. Each webinar will address a different topic or sector and will look at the changes the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement will make and the opportunities it will create. It will be accompanied by a informational materials.

Even if you already export to some FTA-countries, you will need specific information if you intend to have trade with Japan as the EU-Japan EPA is very different from the other trade agreements concluded by the EU.

This presentation will present you what to start with, and will put the focus on the main differences with former agreements. In addition, this webinar will analyse the best and the easiest way to put into practice the EU-Japan EPA and will also provide some useful links with trustworthy information.

To find more information, please visit the following website: https://www.eu-japan.eu/events/epa-helpdesk-webinar-45-rules-origin

Target group

European companies seeking to put, administratively, everything in place before exporting to Japan


Please register for the event by 24 January 2021 via https://www.eu-japan.eu/eu-japan-epa-webinars-registration.

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