'About Japan' webinar series 215: Confectionary Market in Japan

What opportunities does the Japanese confectionery market offer to EU SMEs?


2023-09-12, 10:30 - 11:30 (MESZ) オンライン

In 2022, the domestic retail sales value of confectionery products reached 3,436 billion yen, a 4.2% increase (139 billion yen) over 2021. Chocolate is the largest subcategory with 575 billion yen (16.7% share). Total volume imports of chocolate end products were 31,217 tonnes in 2022, with EU holding a 49.8% volume share with 15,535 tonnes.

In recent years, the confectionery market has faced challenges due to the ageing population and changing preferences. The market has remained resilient, and manufacturers have adapted by introducing new products and flavours.

Perceived health benefits have driven the demand for chocolate. EU actors with healthy product options aligning with health preferences of Japanese consumers, could find business opportunities in Japan.

Organic chocolate is gaining popularity in Japan and is a segment to target for EU SMEs. The same goes for organic biscuits although from a low level.

Japanese consumers appreciate high-quality and unique products. Unique flavours based on European craftmanship could be appealing to Japanese consumers.

The webinar is targeted to EU small- and mid-sized companies planning to enter the Japanese market for confectionery products, and companies seeking to strengthen their current positions in Japan.


Deadline: 11 September 2023

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