Lifting the Veil on Logistics - What Really Happens When Goods Move Around The World


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With increasing worldwide trade and globalization, ever more goods are shipped from between continents and countries. The economic partnership agreement between Japan and the EU is further increasing the movement of freight, including for difficult to handle goods such as agricultural produce.

But how do these goods move half way around the world? How do machine tools travel from Germany to Japan, or semiconductors and game consoles from Japan to Germany? And what happens, if, like in recent years and months, the global movement of freight suddenly stops? The fact that routes and modes of transportation all had to be reconsidered time and again posed great challenges to global logistics. And just when we thought that global supply chains had partly recovered, the next crisis puts up new hurdles. This is felt by businesses and private consumers alike. How does the logistics sector cope with this unprecedented challenge? What is being done to support customers during this very difficult time? How did cost and revenue calculations have to change?

Logistics experts Miriam Nagel and Rüdiger Kranz from Hamburg-based MOL Döhle Worldwide Logistics GmbH willl speak about their first-hand experience of shipping goods worldwide. They will give insights into the structures involved in getting your goods from Japan to Germany and vice versa, and offer suggestions as to what precautions companies can take when shipping goods to customers or receiving them from suppliers in Japan.


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