DJW Squad Meeting "Introducing Code of Conduct"

Acting in Concert | Behaviour Rules | Joint Understanding

Introducing our Code of Conduct


2021-06-29, 09:00 - 10:30 (MESZ)

16:00 - 17:30 Uhr JST

via Microsoft Teams

Background of the Code of Conduct

The idea for a code of conduct was born with the establishment of our Networking Hub. Our association DJW is based on principles of voluntariness, freedom of choice, and equality. Nonetheless, there are some rules and guidelines that seem to be common sense to follow, may it be regarding integrity, trust, and tolerance.

With previous Squad meetings, a first edition of the code of conduct for DJW has been proposed. We would like to take the oportunity of this session to engage our members and listen to your perspectives on the paper!

Let us work on making our DJW even more inclusive and design a framework of joint and common understanding!

About a Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct & Ethics contains a collection of self-imposed rules of conduct that serve as orientation for the work of an institution. The following could serve as preamble, introducing the then subsequent guidelines: 

DJW, its Board of Directors, its employees and members (companies, institutions, freelancers and individual members) as well as various teams within DJW (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Members") have as their common goal, through their active and voluntary activities and contributions, to promote a bilateral exchange between Germany and Japan, particularly on economic aspects. Taking into account the cultural and legal differences between the two countries, DJW provides a forum - both "online" and through face-to-face events - not only to enable bilateral exchanges between Germany and Japan, but also to enable members to increase their competitiveness and pursue their legitimate business and commercial interests. DJW and its members also strive to meet the social needs of both Japan and Germany. Environmental protection and compliance with laws and regulations are therefore also important guidelines for DJW's activities. Taking into account the cultural and legal differences between Germany and Japan, we have drafted a Code of Conduct & Ethics for our members. The Code of Conduct & Ethics complements our association's bylaws, which are at the heart of our work and network.