Data Monetization Demystified: Uncovering Value in Your Digital Assets

Working Group Meeting "Information Technology"

Digital & Innovation | Data Monetization | Business Models


2023-09-18, 12:00 - 13:30 (MESZ)
2023-09-18, 19:00 - 20:30 (JST)

DJW members Dr. Hermann Gumpp and Arian Musa would like to invite you to contribute to the DJW Working Group "Information Technology". In our working group, we aim at discussing various IT aspects in a Japanese-German business setting. With our meeting in September, we will discuss the following topics:

Join us at our upcoming workshop of the Working Group "IT" to explore the concept of data monetization & data business. Understand its benefits, learn from practical examples, and see how traditional business models can tap into new revenue streams.

With us will be Takuya Taniguchi, Director of Dynamic Map Platform Europe. After a brief introduction, we will listen to him for a practical example of data monetization, its potentials and challenges. Together with the working group, we will then ideate further potential use cases for Dynamic Map Platform.

Should there be a demonstrated interest, we will be pleased to schedule additional sessions to delve further into the multifaceted world of data monetization.


  • Short Introduction of Speakers
  • General Introduction to data business & monetization
  • Overview of the Dynamic Map Platform Business Model and Value Chain
  • Joint Ideation on further use cases of Dynamic Map Platform's data
  • Closing

Meeting Flow

During our meetings, all participants are invited to share their opinion and alternative solutions on these issues. We like to encourage everybody to contribute with their own experiences bettering our understanding. The main spoken language will be English, but questions can be posed in German and in Japanese as well.

Joining In

You can join the meeting by registering with the green button as above and / or by cklicking the link for your digital participation.

Participation is free of charge for DJW members and newcomers. Please notice that once you are part of DJW you can freely join our meetings and communicate with other members. Explore the benefits of a DJW membership and join us as a member.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to mail to:

Dr. Hermann Gumpp and Arian Musa
DJW Working Group IT