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Seminar: The "Silicon Valley of Europe" begins in the heart of Europe – in Thuringia

What opportunities does the digitalization of the European industry and society offer Japanese companies?

Veranstaltung unseres Mitglieds ECOS Consult GmbH und Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft (LEG) Thüringen mbH

Diese Veranstaltung liegt bereits in der Vergangenheit.

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Di 12.10.2021, 08:45 - 10:45 (MESZ)
Di 12.10.2021, 15:45 - 17:45 (JST)


The State Development Corporation (LEG) of Thuringia is offering a series of free investment webinars aimed at Japanese companies and institutions who are interested in the latest technology trends from Europe's most central industrial location. In three webinars, we will focus on the semiconductor & IoT, life sciences and environmental technologies sectors. In our first episode, our speakers will take you on a journey to Europe’s strongest cohesive semiconductor and electronics region. 

Experience impressions from DMG Mori's Smart Factory in Thuringia and take a look at the Design Labs of Fraunhofer IOF in Jena. We will give you insights into the gigantic market potential in Europe and will show you the essential first steps for a successful investment. You will also get to know the experts to turn to for support for your expansion into Germany and the European market.

Further information is available under: https://www.invest-in-thuringia.de/de/aktuelles-medien/veranstaltungen/va-aktuell/2021-12-12-online-seminar-the-silicon-valley-of-europe-begins-in-the-heart-of-europe-in-thuringia/


Japanese and German


Please register for the event via https://www.ecos.eu/ja/leistungen_j/projektmanagement_j/seminar-silicon-valley-of-europe.html

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