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Japamburg-Dialogue: Hamburg x Osaka
1 - Games & Games Tech supported by DJW

Discover the startup ecosystems in Hamburg and Osaka

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Do 03.06.2021, 10:30 - 12:00 (MESZ)


Hamburg is the economic centre of Northern Germany and one of the leading games hubs in Europe. Here, innovative ideas meet a long-standing merchant tradition to create fertile ground for business opportunities. The games sector is one particular example of an economy that flourishes under these conditions with four of the biggest ten German games companies being located in Hamburg. And it is no coincidence that leading internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Adobe Systems Engineering decided to choose Hamburg for their headquarters in Germany.

Besides these big players, Hamburg offers a strong selection of study and support programs to get upcoming developers and games startups up and running. This has led to a vibrant games startup ecosystem that is continuing the growth trend of this industry in the Hamburg metropolitan area.

In Japan, on the other hand, Osaka provides the perfect middle ground of a major metropolitan area with the warmth of a small community. The city has a very familiar atmosphere where people are willing to take time, sit down together and support budding entrepreneurs. Several offices and services provided by the city do their best to turn each Osaka Start-up company into a worldwide success story. The start-up scene in Osaka is still small but has grown significantly over the recent years.

Heading towards the 2025 world exhibition, Osaka will without a doubt gain even more significance in the Japanese economy and rise in international standing.

The new Japamburg-Dialogue format aims to build connections between the startup ecosystems in Hamburg, Northern Germany and Japan. With many relevant similarities shared between Germany and Japan, we believe that startups would benefit from looking at the respective other country’s market early in their internationalization step. To make this possible, the Japamburg-Dialogue will put different city’s startup ecosystems into the spotlight, build first bridges and support knowledge-gain across borders.

With the long-standing relationship as sister-cities and the rather new business city partnership of 2019, both cities share close ties with each other. This is why we have chosen this city pair as the focus for our first Japamburg-Dialogue.

We will have two speakers from each city introducing the particularities of the games startup ecosystem, a panel discussion and an opportunity for open networking in the end.

Join us on June 3 and get to know what is going on in games and games tech in Hamburg and Osaka!


NIHHON & Toshiko Arts


DJW, Hamburg Invest


Max Krichenbauer: "Tools empowering VR game development - made in Osaka"
Kentaro Nagao: "Start-up hub Osaka and global innovation forum Osaka (GIF) 2021"
Adalbert Pakura: "Prevention can be fun - gaming in the digital health sector"
Wolf Lang: "A new business - online multiplayer events"

Target group

We target Young & Experienced Professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset, having general curiosity for business and out-of-the-box topics and networking.


English (German and Japanese can of course be used for networking)


Participation is free of charge. Please register for the event via: https://japamburg.com/. The link to our virtual meeting room will be shared in the week leading up to the meet-up after your successful registration.


For more information, please contact: contact@japamburg.com

Johannes Budkiewitz (NIHHON) Johannes Budkiewitz (NIHHON)
Mariko Schmitz (Toshiko Arts) Mariko Schmitz (Toshiko Arts)
Max Krichenbauer Max Krichenbauer
Kentaro Nagao Kentaro Nagao
Adalbert Pakura Adalbert Pakura
Wolf Lang Wolf Lang