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From Tokyo to Germany -Tips for startups to expand Germany-

X-HUB TOKYO 2021 #1 Overseas Expansion Seminar

Veranstaltung mit unserem Mitglied JETRO Düsseldorf

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Fr 16.07.2021, 18:00 - 20:00 (JST)

Online (Zoom)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's X-HUB TOKYO project aims to support the global activities of startups in Tokyo and revitalize the city's economy through exchanges with overseas startups that are active in the global market. The Overseas Expansion Seminar, which consists of five sessions, targets startups aiming at overseas expansion and support organizations considering collaboration with overseas startups, and will share (1) the characteristics of the ecosystem in each area and (2) the know-how necessary for overseas expansion.

In the #1 Overseas Expansion Seminar, we will focus on the area of Germany and plan to introduce hints for overseas expansion that can be obtained from the characteristics of Germany, which has been developed as a core city of Europe startup ecosystem. We will also share tips and tricks for business strategy for overseas expansion.

Further information is available under https://x-hub.tokyo/en/event/5568.


Anyone interested in overseas expansion of their startups can join!
Startups aiming to expand overseas
Major corporations, VCs, financial institutions, universities, and other organizations that support startups which is looking to expand overseas.


Participation is free of charge. Please register for the event via https://x-hub-tokyo.smktg.jp/public/application/add/1253.

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