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Export to Japan 28: Import Process and Procedures - Labelling, measurements, recycling, safety, fair representation, and fair competition

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Mi 17.11.2021, 10:30 - 11:00 (MEZ)


This is the second round of the online training series “What you should know when exporting to Japan”. It briefs in 30 minutes on the latest information on export processes and procedures relating to EU exports to Japan. It also covers trade and administrative rules and regulations relevant to EU businesses which are new to exporting as well as those which carry out regular, on-going businesses with Japan.

Focus is given to small and medium sized EU enterprises (SMEs) and to those sectors which offer growing opportunities to EU exports to Japan, i.e., food and health sectors.

What labelling are required upon sales of foods in Japanese market?

Upon import, imported foods are subject to regulatory clearances on food safety, disease control for domestic animal and plants, and protection of fisheries resources. In addition, imported foods are subject to other regulations upon sales in Japanese market.

Labelling is one of significant regulatory requirements for imported foods on sales in Japan. The Food Labelling Act, the Measurement Act, the Act of Japanese Agriculture Standards (JAS) and others, apply labelling requirements for enforcing safety and quality control. When engaging in food-related business or marketing, different types of permits, licenses, registrations, or notifications are required. Recycling laws request identification marks for containers and packaging.

Further information is available here: https://www.eubusinessinjapan.eu/library/event/export-to-japan-28-import-process-and-procedures-labelling-measurements-recycling-safety-fair-representation-and-fair-competition

Target group

EU small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


Please register for this event via https://www.eubusinessinjapan.eu/user/register by 16 November 2021.

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