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Excelling in a Japanese organization in English (advanced session for local staff / management)

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Veranstaltung unseres Mitglieds Japan Consulting Office - Germany

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Mo 07.12.2020, 09:00 - 12:30 (MEZ)


This format is perfect for participants from all over Europe to develop new strategies on how to successfully shape the future of the Japanese organization.

The training is also very helpful for people in project teams with Japan HQ and for managers that have Japanese in the HQ as direct reports!

To ensure that there is enough time for each individual's topics, the training is carried out in small groups.

Included are:

  • Access to all JCO E-learning modules for 1 month (English; 7 modules on many topics)
  • Pre-course questionnaire to identify the most relevant topics for each group
  • 3.5h for open session
  • a paper copy of the JCO booklet "working across cultural borders" (in English and Japanese)


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Participation Fee

395 Euro / 360 GBP / 450 USD / 49.000 Yen (VAT included)

JCO does offer demo seats free of charge for selected courses! (e.g. for JHQ or US subsidiaries)

Please find further information on JCO's website.

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