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"The Future of User Experience in Mobility"

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At invitation of our Member Goodpatch GmbH.

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Mi 29.04.2020, 09:00 - 10:30 ()

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Recent shifts in the automotive industry have required that OEMs transition into digital product companies, placing a new importance on user experience design (UX) for future mobility services. This transformation has required that automotive companies look beyond traditional products, and focus on human needs like trust, confidence, and accessibility, especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles and new mobility. 

At kind invitation of our DJW member Goodpatch, we invite you to to an interactive webinar full of insights and discussions around the growing importance of human-centered design, user research and testing, and how OEMs can integrate them into their R&D processes.


Matthias Flucke, Studio Lead, Goodpatch Berlin

Matthias is an enthusiastic automotive designer and studio lead at Goodpatch Berlin. 

His extensive expertise in UI/UX design, coupled with his experience in working with mobility start-ups and automakers in supporting product launches, makes him a skilled consultant. In his position as studio lead, he has also been coaching designers and project teams for several years, promoting individual needs and supporting personal development. Matthias has been accompanying mobility topics for both customers and Goodpatch for several years. He has put together new ways of prototyping and concepts for agile teams.

Dr. Peter Rössger, Founder, beyond HMI

Dr. Peter Rössger started his business endeavor in 2015 backed by over 25 years of experience in automotive usability, user experience, and HMI design. Beside his consultancy activities Peter is keynote speaker, assistant professor for Human Factors at the International School of Management, at the Hochschule Esslingen and the Joanneum Graz (Austria). In 2017 he received the certification as a Systemic Management Coach by the ICF.

Until early 2015 Peter was Business Development Director at TES Electronic Solutions GmbH. During his 12 years with Harman Automotive he created HMI concepts for automotive OEMs like Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Hyundai, PSA, Ferrari, Chrysler, and Harley Davidson. For Daimler he worked 4 years in driver-vehicle interaction.

Peter holds a doctoral degree in Human Factors Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. He published various papers on usability, user experience, cross cultural HMIs, and autonomous driving. His first book was published on Amazon KDP in November 2016.


The webinar will take place via Zoom. Please klick the below link for registration:

About Our Host

Goodpatch is an international design company, driven by the mission to prove the power of design. They collaborate with a network of global corporate partners to solve complex problems with a human-centered approach. Creating lovable products is at the core of the Goodpatch DNA. Their offering includes user research, strategy, UX/UI design, and the development of apps and immersive AR/VR experiences. All of this is embedded in a powerful ecosystem that Goodpatch shapes with their partners through organizational design, namely in the creation of in-house design teams and ventures.

Goodpatch was founded in 2011 by Naofumi Tsuchiya after he moved back to Tokyo from Silicon Valley. Today, Goodpatch’s Japanese roots and influence have impacted a highly diverse team of 160 people, across three studios in Tokyo, Berlin, and Munich. Goodpatch’s clients and partners include Toyota, Daimler, Audi, Renault-Nissan, TietoEvry, Here, emmy Sharing, and NTT DATA.

Next to client work, Goodpatch has developed in-house products, which include Prott, a prototyping tool for mobile apps, and Athena, a virtual and augmented reality tool for designing and testing experiences around the connected car. With Athena, it is now possible to design and evaluate user interfaces and user experiences in cross reality (XR) before moving to physical prototypes, avoiding costly and slow iteration cycles.


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Speaker Matthias Flucke Speaker Matthias Flucke
Speaker Dr. Peter Rössger Speaker Dr. Peter Rössger