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'About Japan' webinar series 209: Expand to Japan: Startup Visa in Shibuya (Tokyo)

What is startup visa and how can you utilize it to make your market expansion to Tokyo smooth?

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Di 09.05.2023, 10:00 - 11:00 (MESZ) Online

Ready to expand your business to one of the biggest metropolitan city in the world, Shibuya (Tokyo)?

This session will be a good starting step for you to learn more about the opportunities for the startups in Shibuya, and how to make use of our comprehensive, all-stop support for free.

Shibuya Startup Support? We are official governmental organization run by Shibuya City government, and our greatest interest is your and your business's thriving. https://shibuya-startup-support.jp/

Our support includes: visa support, incorporation, free coworking space for 1 year, relocation support (apartments, set-ups), references to networks of startup friendly lawyers, business matching and PoC, community building, monthly mentorship etc.

The webinar is targeted to EU companies seeking to find the best route to establishing their subsidiary in Shibuya (Tokyo).

In 40 minutes from your desk, discover:

  • Startup environment of Shibuya
  • Overview of startup visa
  • Support you can receive from Shibuya Startup Support


Deadline: 9 May 2023

Please find more information via https://www.eu-japan.eu/eubusinessinjapan/library/event/about-japan-webinar-series-209-expand-to-japan-startup-visa-shibuya-tokyo.

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