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'About Japan' webinar series 204: Rethinking strategy for Japan - B2C

Do you want strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life examples of how to succeed in the Japanese market?

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Di 10.01.2023, 10:30 - 11:30 (MEZ) Online

Upon providing an overview of relevant B2C market trends and Covid19-related opportunities for EU SMEs on the Japanese market, this webinar presents a critical discussion of distribution and sales channels on the Japanese B2C market, and practical guidance on how to evaluate the different sales channels and options for market entry.

Prescriptions for how to do business in the Japanese B2C sector are largely the same that dominated Western thinking three decades ago, as if Japan has not moved on. Based on case studies of European brands entering the Japanese B2C market, a clear picture will emerge that the conventional ‘push strategy’ does not work well in the current and future Japanese market. In this webinar we will discuss several company cases to introduce pull strategy as a very effective way for European SMEs to enter the Japanese B2C market.

The webinar targets EU companies seeking a fresh perspective on market entry strategy for Japan.

Key features:

  • The overall aim of the webinar series is to deliver strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life examples of how to enter or re-position your brand on the Japanese market.
  • The two webinars will cover the B2C and B2B markets respectively.
  • The ideas and concepts will not have a specific industry focus but rather be applicable across a wide range of sectors and businesses, and thus be relevant to a wide range of EU SMEs.
  • Both webinars will also be dealing with Covid-19 related opportunities for EU SMEs.


Deadline: 9 January 2023

Please find more information via https://www.eubusinessinjapan.eu/library/event/about-japan-webinar-series-204-rethinking-strategy-japan-b2c.

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