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'About Japan' webinar series 186: Semiconductor market in Japan

What business opportunities does the Japanese semiconductor market offer to EU SMEs and how can they enter it?

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Di 18.01.2022, 10:30 - 11:30 (MEZ)


Semiconductor industry is changing on a global scale and more and more European companies are presented with the incentives to join its global value chain. Japan remains one of the main global players in the semiconductor industry due to its robust electronics and IT markets. Due to the unprecedented circumstances caused by Covid-19 pandemic, new opportunities are arising and allow new companies and clients to enter Japanese market,  which in recent years was too slow to adjust to the structural industrial changes due to the lack of flexibility on the central level.

Please find more details on https://www.eubusinessinjapan.eu/library/event/about-japan-webinar-series-186-semiconductor-market-japan.

Target group

The webinar targets EU companies seeking more information on the Japanese semiconductor industry and ways of entering it.


Please register for this webinar by 17 January 2022 via the link mentioned above.

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