DJW Squad Meeting "Startups"

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Zur Veranstaltung anmelden Do 16.07.2020,
09:00 - 10:30 Uhr MESZ

Online via Microsoft Teams

DJW is a platform bringing people of different backgrounds and institutions together that have an interest in promoting economic relations of Germany and Japan. One element of growing importance with respect to innovation and rejuvenation of the industry are startups – young, growth-oriented companies with highly innovative products and/or business models. They can be one important key to intensify the cooperation in R&D-intensive fields of both countries like AI, Mobility, Energy or Connected Industries.

In our vision, DJW is contributing to making the Japanese startup ecosystem known to German companies and vice versa. We want to serve as an important hub for startups from Germany that want to explore Japan and startups from Japan with an interest in Germany. 


  • Introduction 
  • Participants 
  • Collaboration on Squad Charter
  • Next Steps
The meeting will be moderated by Valerie Daldrup and Julia von dem Bussche.