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"Corporate art collections and their influence on employee creativity"

On invitation of our member Micheko Galerie.

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Do 12.12.2019,
17:30 - 18:30 Uhr

Micheko Galerie
Theresienstraße 18
80333 München

Hundreds, if not thousands of companies worldwide collect art. Financial return is not the aim but collecting art as a company goes well beyond just furnishing the offices of executives or the reception area. The best corporate collections use art to improve lives and to educate. Most corporate art collections were started because some CEO loved art, but they have evolved in more than just an expensive hobby of an art loving business leader. Art is proven to help staff to view their work in a different way and to promote creativity, as well as to introduce a human face to an organization. A fringe benefit is the positive effect on public opinion about the company. During discussion we would like to raise the question of differences and similarities in perceiving art and its influence on work flow in Germany and Japan. 

Michele Vitucci, the co-founder of Micheko Galerie in Munich, an art gallery specializing in 21st century art from Japan, will give an introduction to the art of collecting art and how companies, irrespectively of their size, can benefit from it.


5.00 p.m. - Reception and gallery tour through the current exhibition „Constructs“ of Hiroko Takeda 
5.30 p.m. - Opening by Dr. Julia Münch, Managing Director, DJW
5.40 p.m. - Speech by Michele Vitucci, co-founder of Micheko Galerie
6.10 p.m. - Discussion
6.30 p.m. - Close


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