Economic Power of the 'Silver Market'

Chances for Startup Engagements in Germany and Japan

Dr. Frank Schmitz, Founder and CEO, CosaVita UG

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We will address the “Potential and Economic Power of the Silver Market in Germany and Japan”, especially focussing on startup engagements. 

In the light of demographic change, consumers aging 60 and above have a great effect on health, leisure, financial services, just to name a few examples. In Germany, they represent the demographic group with the highest purchasing power and the greatest wealth, but still play a minor role in startups’ target groups and business models. We will discuss which approaches are being pursued in Germany and Japan to counteract this challenge. What impulses can be given by startups to shape and benefit from this specific market? Which technological possibilities for existing and future questions are feasible? And how can the ‘Silver Market’ be redefined as an additional, appealing sales market? 

The “Asa no Kai” (business breakfast) of the Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) is a perfect platform for exchanging ideas on German-Japanese economic topics, establishing contacts, and generating business. The group of participants combines representatives from business, politics and science, including local startups, established companies, institutions, and private individuals.


Dr. Frank Schmitz, Founder and CEO, CosaVita UG 

After studying business administration and business informatics, Dr. Frank Schmitz gained over 10 years of experience in various consulting firms with focus of health and care. Before studying, Frank worked in the IT department of a hospital in Mönchengladbach. In 2014 he was appointed to a professorship at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. Since 2016 Frank is head of study program Health Sciences and Management at the faculty of Life Sciences. In 2018, Frank founded CosaVita as the result of a large number of projects with home care services companies. CosaVita has developed digital solutions in the area of household assistance for people in need of care. CosaVita offers a complete digital solution for laundry services. His project experience has been published in numerous articles and books. For several years, Frank has been member of advisory committees in various networks with focus of healthcare industry.

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Speaker Dr. Frank Schmitz Speaker Dr. Frank Schmitz