Decoding Technology Evolution? Navigating 150 Years of Innovation in Germany and Japan.

A Dialogue with DMG MORI's Irene Bader.

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Do 21.09.2023, 16:00 - 17:00 (MESZ)

EMO 2023
Hermes Allee, 30521 Hannover

Hall 2
DMG MORI Booth A21

In partnership with DMG MORI, we invite our DJW members and interested business representatives to join us for our DJW Kai at EMO 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for production technology.

Event Essence: Decoding Technology's 'Whats next'?

Imagine the world of 1870, over 150 years ago, with the just patented concept of combustion engines and the first working telephone, with the invention of the lightbulb by Thomas Edison still being nine years in the future. Now, imagine the next century and the world of 1960, the first crewed spaceflight just ahead, the laser currently accomplished, the digital camera is about to be invented. And look at our world today, 2023, with automation and digitization all around us, with data, artificial intelligence, information being key factor for production and connectivity.

These technology evolutions of the past 150 years alone, major milestones for human history, show, that development of technology keeps accelerating, densifying even, the steps taken keep coming faster, more disruptive, more exponential. And with it the demands and needs, structures and directions of companies and businesses involved. Especially globally operating ones, striving to meet future technology challenges and expectations of humankind. Like DMG MORI.

Machine tools are the prerequisite for all technical progress. They are the source of everything. Without them, our modern world would be old. DMG MORI is driving holistic process integration based on technology integration, automation and digitization for greater sustainability. With thorough expertise, a global footprint, with the drive to stay at the top of developments, to lead trends, to grow with technology inventions, does the question of “What’s next?” become (more) decodable?

With our DJW Kai we will dive into this discussion exactly. How can trends be perceived, adopted, and sustainably integrated into an existing company framework and product portfolio? How do marketing styles need to adapt with an ever changing (environmental) setting? How does a globally operating company communicate new technologies in the varying markets of its operation?

Upon our DJW Kai, we invite you to a joint networking session at DMG MORI restaurant to further meet, network and connect with German and Japanese business representatives.

About Our Dialogue Partner Irene Bader

We are honored to welcome our DJW member Irene Bader to the stage, engaging in a dialogue about technology, future trends, communication, Germany and Japan:

Irene Bader has been Member of the Board of Directors of DMG MORI COMPANY Ltd. since 2023, orchestrating the global corporate communication and marketing. She has been with the company since 2005 and has held various management positions. Under her leadership, the global marketing structure was established and brought together across the entire group. From the Munich and Tokyo locations, she is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of global product communications as well as global external and internal communication. Together with her teams, she is constantly developing new concepts for communication in the manufacturing industry.

Irene Bader describes herself as Japan enthusiast, eager to create connections between people, machines, and markets, strengthening the cultural understanding between worlds. Making her the perfect dialogue partner to invite to our DJW Kai at EMO 2023.


  • 15:45   Meet at DMG MORI booth A21, Hall2
  • 16:00   Opening of DJW Kai
  • 16:05   Dialogue with Irene Bader
  • 16:45   Q&A with audience
  • 17:00   Close of DJW Kai
  • 17:10   Networking and light dinner at DMG MORI restaurant

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Dialogue Partner Irene Bader Dialogue Partner Irene Bader