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DJW Working Group Meeting "Intercultural Management"

Managing Intercultural Differences | Intercultural Business Skills | Exchange of Experience

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Mi 07.06.2023, 12:00 - 13:00 (MESZ)
Mi 07.06.2023, 19:00 - 20:00 (JST)

DJW members Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze and Silvia Lawrence would like to invite you to contribute to the DJW Working Group "Intercultural Management". In our working group, we aim at discussing various intercultural aspects of working in a Japanese-German business environment. The DJW Working Group "Intercultural Management" meets once a month, to discuss the topic of intercultural competence.

With our meeting in June, we welcome our guest speaker Georg Buellesbach, CEO of DJW member Mitsui Deutschland. Georg will share the practical experience he made in the process of acquisition of a European company conducted by his employer company. The focus of his case is about difficulties and mistakes made, and also includes positive experiences such as solutions and intercultural insights. In this context we'd like to include and discuss with agile DJW members their observation of recent changes in an intercultural workplaces.

We like to encourage everybody to contribute with your own experiences asking following question:

What is the most important change that you could observe, in your intercultural workplace?

Meeting Flow

During our meetings all participants are invited to share their opinion and alternative solutions on these issues. Participants have an opportunity to relate to each other selecting the next speaker themselves. We like to encourage everybody to contribute with their own experiences bettering our intercultural competence.

Joining In

You can join the meeting by clicking the link on Workspace Intercultural in our Networking Hub or sign up for this event by clicking the green button above so that you will receive the link to enter via e-mail.

Participation is free of charge for DJW members and newcomers. Please notice that once you are part of DJW you can freely join our meetings and communicate with other members in our workspace "Intercultural Management". Explore the benefits of a DJW membership and join us as a member.


If you have any questions and/or would like to contribute with an opening talk in our next monthly meeting do not hesitate to mail to:

Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Schlunze and Silvia Lawrence
DJW Working Group Intercultural Management