Changing Working Environment

DJW Working Group Meeting "German-Japanese Professional Women's Network"

Exchanging experiences in post-pandemic new work

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Do 02.03.2023, 18:00 - 19:45 (MEZ) Online

DJW member Terumi Ezuka would like to invite you to contribute to the DJW Working Group "German-Japanese Professional Women's Network" this time covering "Changing Working Environment":

Do you think about your job sometimes? There are a lot of theme related to work, such as working environment, satisfaction, opportunities for promotion, relationships among colleagues. You may also wonder how your company is in comparison to other companies. After the Corona pandemic, the working environment has changed drastically, and I believe that what we look for in a job will also change little by little.  

Why don't you discuss your thoughts with other Japanese-German working women from different industries and in different positions? You may find something different, something that you might not realize by talking with your colleagues or friends. 

If you are interested, please register by e-mail. The number of participants are limited to 6 people. 


18:00 Welcome and Opening
18:15 Discussion
19:45 Close

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Terumi Ezuka