Front Assistant (m/f/d)
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Business Development Unit
  (Responsible for the Global Expansion project)

■Business Details:
 - Domestic expansion of CASTER BIZ based in Berlin, Germany(Local to Local)

 The online assistant provides one-stop, dedicated online support by providing our clients with a wide range of business solutions ranging from daily tasks to highly specialized activities. Our range of services are detailed below:
 - Secretarial work
 - Sales and Marketing
 - Human Resources
 - Accounting
 - Creative (graphic design and content creation)
 - Translation
 - Others

■Organisational Structure
Report to the Local Manager (based in Germany)

Other team members:
Administaration Manager (based in Germany)
Marketing Specialist (based in Germany)
Sales(based in Germany)
Human Resource Specialist (based in Germany)
Other local employees (based in Germany)

Global Administration Manager (based in Japan)
Operation Executive Manager (based in Dubai)
Project Manager (based in Japan)

■Job Details:
 - Provide client interactions
 - Manage tasks those clients’ requested
 - Directing other Agents
 - Perform part of clients’ task operations as an operator
 - We have assistants with a variety of backgrounds, including management experience, sales experience, executive secretarial experience, and bilingual backgrounds. You will be able to grow through your work while receiving inspiration from clients and members of the team.

■Working hours: (Fixed working hours)
Full Time 9:00-17:00 (Lunch Break 13:00-14:00)

■Salary range: 2.200€ - 2.500€ per month (Fulltime)
*It varies depends on the position.

 - ドイツ・ベルリンを拠点としたCASTER BIZのドイツ国内展開(Local to Local)

 - 窓口担当として、複数社を担当するクライアント対応
 - クライアントから依頼されたタスクのマネジメント
 - 社内オペレーターへのディレクション、指示出し、納品までの予定管理
 - マネジメント経験、営業経験、役員秘書経験、バイリンガルなど、様々なバックグラウンドを持った人材を募集しています。クライアントや社内メンバー達とフルリモートで交流しながら、お仕事を通じて成長することができます。

■勤務時間: (固定時間制)
フルタイム 9:00-17:00 (昼休憩 13:00-14:00)

■給与レンジ: 2.200€ - 2.500€ /月
■Must have:
 - Experience in back or middle office, or customer relation/hospitality
 - Intermediate MS Office skills (Excel functions, PowerPoint)
 - Basic IT literacy (good at and fond of using new IT tools)
 - Business level English
 - Business level German

■Good to have:
 - Experience in secretarial work
 - Customer support or call centre experience
 - Experience in advertising reports
 - Experience in web design
 - A person who is ambitious, proactive, and sincere in his/her work.
 - As our main communication method is chat with customers and within the company, we are looking for a person who is talented to respond in a cheerful and individual way because we can’t see other faces.


 - 企業のバックオフィス及びミドルオフィス業務
 - カスタマーリレーション/ホスピタリティ関連業務経験
 - MSオフィス実務経験(エクセル関数、パワーポイント)中級以上
 - ITリテラシー基礎(クラウドツールを使い慣れている方)

 - 秘書業務経験
 - カスタマーサポート/コールセンター経験
 - 広告レポート作成経験
 - ウェブデザイン経験
 - 向上心を持って積極的に行動できる方

Company Background:
Caster supports the modern remote worker (http://casterbiz-germany.com/) since 2014 , empowering them to contribute meaningfully while still maintaining their most suitable work-life balance. Anticipating the challenges of maintaining successful businesses due to the evolving nature of “work”, Caster is engaged in a global expansion project with our first branch (and later subsidiary after the IPO) has set up in Germany on 13 September 2022.
With over 1000 members across Japan and counting, Caster is uniquely positioned to provide online assistant services, remote dispatch services and consulting to a wide range of organizations in multiple industries.


Unternehmen / Institution
Caster Co. Ltd. Zweigniederlassung Berlin
Kanon Mori
Datum: 06.02.2023