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Japan Challenge for Society 5.0

Opportunity for start-ups to enter the Japanese market

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Di 06.07.2021, 13:16 Uhr

Society 5.0 is Japan’s vision for the next step in human evolution after hunter-gather, agrarian, industrial and information society stages. It will enhance industrial competitiveness and help with the establishment of a society more attuned to individual needs. The focus is on the vast potential of accumulating data, and new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, in order to find solutions to social issues such as the declining birth rate, an aging population, and environmental and energy issues.

As part of its worldwide activities to support innovation in the Japanese ecosystem, JETRO is launching the first edition of the Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 – Accelerate Innovation with Japan - (the "Contest").

The Contest is divided into three (3) Challenges, each dedicated to a thematic chosen by JETRO, in collaboration with Japanese corporates/ Japanese authorities/ local governments/ industrial associations, to help achieving Society 5.0 in Japan and make people’s lives more conformable and sustainable thanks to digitalization and innovation:

  1. Environmental Friendliness
  2. Labor Shortage & Improving Productivity
  3. Smart & Resilient Japan

The purpose of the Contest is to bring innovative solutions to challenges unique to Japan by creating partnerships between startups and Japanese stakeholders.

Further information including the rules is available under


To take part in this contest, please apply by July 31 2021 via

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