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Call for Speaker: DJW “Members for Members Online” hosted by Drees & Sommer

Topic: “Innovative Offices for the New Normal”

Aufruf an unsere DJW-Mitglieder

Mi 09.12.2020, 15:09 Uhr

The Covid-19 shutdown changed the office environment overnight. Those who could swapped the office for their own four walls at home. This trend towards working from home triggered a debate as to whether office space still has a future. The number of square meters is not the crucial factor in this regard; instead, it is primarily the quality of the space that determines its future viability. The office of the future is individual, flexible and location independent.

In this “Members for Members” online event hosted by Drees & Sommer and supported by DJW, which is scheduled for late January or early February 2021, participants will learn more about and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the workplace of the future and how they affect the people who work there.

Rowena Johnston of Drees & Sommer will share the “Soulware – Software – Hardware – Programming” principle which has been developed by Drees & Sommer to future-proof their customers’ and their own offices. Although the requirements of work environments are constantly changing, the coronavirus has accelerated the pace of that change and we are now beginning to see a different kind of office environment starting to take shape.

Together with the participants, Drees & Sommer would like to explore:

  • What role does the building play?
  • How will the rooms and spaces be used in the office?
  • Where and how can digitalisation help?
  • How do we cooperate with each other to ensure productivity and innovation while maintaining social and emotional bonds?

Call for Speakers

Drees & Sommer would like to invite another DJW member to share their workplace experience. The co-speaker could elaborate how their office space in Japan changed during Covid-19, or introduce a broader new workplace concept they may have, focusing on the conditions in both Japan and Germany.

If you are interested in partnering with Drees & Sommer for this DJW “Members for Members” event, please get in touch with us.


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