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Navix Europe GmbH
Citadellstraße 10
40213 Düsseldorf
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Frau Nozomi Takii

Über uns

Navix Europe GmbH is a service company of language professionals providing multilingual translation, interpreting and a variety of coordinated business services that bridge communication and connect our clients with the world.

1989: Navix Co., Ltd., /Tokyo, Japan
1995: N.I.C. Ltd.,/Bangkok, Thailand
2005: Navix Shanghai Co., Ltd./Shanghai, China
2008: Navix Poland Sp. z o.o./Torun, Poland
August 2010: Navix Co., Ltd representative office in Frankfurt, Germany
March 2012: Navix Europe GmbH/Frankfurt, Germany

Our primary services are:

• Translation(Over 50 languages)
• Dispatch of interpreters(to US, Canada, Europe)
• Coordination and arrangement of meetings
• Production/design/editing/printing of catalogues and manuals

Over fifty languages together with more than 1,000 professional and experienced translators/interpreters registered on our Navix Network. Through accurate translation and interpretation services, we facilitate communication and connect people from all corners of the globe.

With 20-plus years of global industry experience, we provide high-caliber translations and interpreting services in a timely fashion, focusing on quality, speed, and attentive service in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our partners and customers.

Cooperating with our head branch in Tokyo and our network of offices in Shanghai, Bangkok, and Poland, we strive to meet our goal of offering the most expedient and thorough business communication services to all of our international clients.

Navix Europe GmbHはお客様と世界を繋ぐビジネスの架け橋として、多言語翻訳・通訳・コーディネート業務など語学のプロフェッショナルを提供するサービス会社です。