Unternehmen / Institution
Fischer HRM GmbH - Japan Desk / 日本デスク
Niederkassler Lohweg 18
40547 Düsseldorf
HR Consulting / Headhunting
Frau Akiko Ito
Seniorberaterin / Leiterin Japan Desk

Über uns
German Recruiting Company with Japan Desk (Japanese speaking consultant) / 人材紹介会社

“Japan Desk”
->「特に要件が厳しい求人」の1st Address
-> Die erste Adresse für komplexe Positionsbesetzung

• Specialist in Japan-related recruitment in Europe and worldwide for a large range of positions
• Specialist in Direct Search (Headhunting): Our tasks are so individual and particular that we “re-specialize” with each new case. Specialization is our specialty!
- Executive Search (recruiting of candidates for middle to top management)
- Specialist Search (recruiting of specialists such as engineers, financial experts etc.)

Especially for Japanese companies:
- Japan Desk is specialized in supporting German/European subsidiaries of Japanese companies by recruiting staff in the fields of sales, marketing, logistics, financial accounting, engineering as well as for all the assistance positions.
- Specialized in introducing Japanese speaking and Japan experienced staff

Kontakt / お問い合わせ
Akiko Ito - Head of Japan Desk
Email: ito@fischer-hrm.de
Mobil: +49 176 410 634 64