Unternehmen / Institution
MAXY MEDIA UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Ludwigstraße 45
67547 Worms
Frau Yumi Lloyd

Über uns
この度起業致しました「MAXY MEDIA」です。メディアに関連した事業を幅広く手掛けて行きたいと思っております。主に映像製作や編集、音響収録等を手掛けております。最近の実績としては、日本でのラジオ番組の制作と声の出演 、IAAフランクフルトモーターショーでのアイシン社(トヨタグループ)のメイン司会、またフランクフルトで開かれた野間文芸翻訳賞のフォトセッション等です。
是非一緒にデジタルでグローバルなお仕事をしましょう。興味のある方はMAXY MEDIAまでご連絡下さい。

We are "MAXY MEDIA", a newly set up business in Germany. We would like to work on a wide range of media related businesses. Audio and video productions including recording, editing and mastering are our strength. Our recent achievements are producing Japanese radio programmes and its voice-over, the presenter of the Aisin Group (part of Toyota) at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, and the photo-shoot for the Noma Award for the Translation of Japanese Literature held in Frankfurt.
In the future we would like to focus on Japanese narration productions. We are thinking of producing audio guides for Japanese tourists such as museums and castles in Germany, and audio books, CDs and DVDs of educational learning materials for the Japanese language. Our main activities are based in the Rhein-Hessen area.
We are considering expanding the area in the future, therefore, we are looking for someone who is fluent in Japanese and German, confident in marketing, and familiar with the tourism and cultural arts industries. We are looking for marketing support with those experts who have a link to the above-mentioned German industries, and support for developing sales channels for the manufactured products.
Let us work together digitally and globally and, If you are interested, please contact MAXY MEDIA.