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AirMed Plus GmbH
Harpener Feld 34
44805 Bochum
Management Consulting / Training Market Entry / Location Support Medical, Precision and Optical Instruments
Herr Birger Nispel

Über uns
1) Birger Nispel Academy, as a division of AirMed PLUS, helps foreign companies to find the right partners to sell their products to Germany and Europe. We achieve this goal for our partners through our hybrid courses, face-to-face trainings and the 18-months mentoring program, in which the customers get copyable blueprints to find prospects 24 hours 7 days a week and convert them into customers by our created system RO.SY. .
Additional, particularly important modules are "intercultural marketing" and "selling without objections". Our customers learn how to catch the attention of German decision makers and lead them to timely decisions while being able to respond to any objection (“too expensive” , “we have already a supplier” – to mention only 2 of 24 objections).
Our customers are trained to anticipate objections in the very first steps of the customer journey, very early before a first direct contact will come up. Furthermore, they are able to design their presentations according to customer needs. The mentoring program has the goal of at least doubling the sales in the German or European market after twelve months, depending on their current status.
For our medical-device-manufacturer-customers, we provide our own 200 paged-complete quality management system - manual in English language for DIN ISO 13485:2016, which covers all MDR requirements for medical devices and which only needs to be personalized by the individual company. This template saves companies at least six months to twelve months of preparation time. The backbone of this document-collection is definitely the STED file (standard technical documentation) – this file lists up all necessary documents mandatory to keep for a manufacturer, according to the very strict MDR (Medical Device Regulation). Customers will get prepared for the European market, in mandatories and in marketing/sales.
See www.birgernispel.de

2) This excellence has emerged from the original business unit:
AirMed PLUS GmbH, located in Bochum, Germany, is a manufacturer of precisely pressure-controlled patient mattresses for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. These devices are called "Anti Decubitus/Bedsore Systems ". The company sells these products successfully in other European countries for about 15 years and has a established dealer network for complementary products.

See https://airmedplus.de and https://airmedplus.de/joinantibedsorebusiness_en/