Unternehmen / Institution
Caster Co. Ltd.
Zweigniederlassung Berlin
c/o Space Shack Coworking Berlin, Akazienstraße 3a
10823 Berlin
HR Consulting / Headhunting
Frau Zuzanna Zaplata

Über uns
Caster (Caster Co. Ltd) is expanding its global footprint, bringing with it our expertise and know-how honed from years of experience in the remote-work environment in Japan. Since 2014, we have been pioneers in the remote-work field, promoting this as an innovative yet practical approach to work long before the Covid-19 pandemic made this a necessity and way of life. We identified that skilled knowledge workers often faced challenges regarding geographical and/or personal constraints – by offering them a flexible work model, we are able to tap into unrealized potential, and offer truly viable solutions to both these knowledge workers and to organizations looking to engage talent and solutions during the highly volatile and uncertain times.The Caster business model relies upon online assistants who perform back-end tasks for companies who contract our services. Each client is assigned one dedicated “Director” who both selects the back-end team or “Cast” members and also engages directly with the client to provide them with the required deliverables. This unique structure provides a stable work environment and a live feedback loop between the client and the “Cast” members to ensure that performance is efficient and effective.With a growing base of over 1,400 dedicated members, Caster has established a reputation after 8 years of success in Japan and has identified the Covid-19 pandemic as a business opportunity for global expansion – bringing its unique work model abroad and actively participating in the remote work revolution.



キャスターは、企業とリモートワーカーの生産性を最大化する独自の事業構造を確立させ、今では1400名 を超えるリモートワーカーが所属し、共に働いています。
※キャスターメンバー数 1400名以上(うち雇用社員約700名) *2022/5月時点