männlich // geboren: 1968 // Deutsch
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Start-up Manager, GM, MD
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Deutschland ドイツ Japan 日本
Management in international Industry, worldwide operation and problem solving, intercultural communication skills, strategic planning, international business development, strong negotiation skills in English, sales and key-account-management, stable financial skills, M&A and post-merger integration, background in machinery and electrical components, applies know-how to do-now
GM Japan
Interims Manager Australia
Interims Manager Hungary
Interims Manager Netherlands
GM Turkey
Regional Manager Europe
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
German mother tongue
English business level
Japanese Basic
I am eager to find a position with a German company looking for an experienced manager in Japan/AP or a Japanese company looking for an executive manager in Germany / Europe.
Through my many years of experience as Manager I can demonstrate my professional competence and leadership. The hands-on sales activities required to develop a location are also part of my skill base. I thoroughly identify with all tasks and duties entrusted to me and demonstrate strong entrepreneurial responsibility reflected in close monitoring of financial issues to support and achieve company financial goals.
Datum: 19.01.2016
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