männlich // geboren: 1986 // Deutsch
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After finishing the university I worked for three months as a trainee in sales and distribution at the company Nihon Shokken Co., Ltd. in Dusseldorf. My task area was customer service, to search for new customers in Germany, to prepare sales-promotions, to make out an invoice for different customers and to participate in several fairs to win new customers.
I have studied for one year abroad at the University of Shizuoka. During this time I finished different Japanese classes and an intercultural class. I joined some clubs, like Tennis Club and “Love Circle”, where Japanese and foreign students came together to talk and to spent some free time.

Bachelor of Arts in Asian science at the University of Bonn. Master of Arts in Regional Science Japan at the University of Bonn. Germany secondary school diploma with economics knowledge at a commercial high school. ボン大学でアジア研究の学士。 ボン大学で日本研究の修士。 経済高校で高校修了資格。
German: native speaker
English: fluent
Japanese: proficient
Polish: elementary
Spanish: elementary
French: elementary

ドイツ語 (母国語)
英語 (流暢)
日本語 (上級レベル)
ポーランド語 (初級)
スペイン語 (初級)
フランス語 (初級)
Thanks to my international study and the year abroad, I am very skilled at intercultural competence and communication. I am highly flexible, creative and a good team player.

Datum: 06.07.2017
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