DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Satoru Shibata, President, Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Frankfurt, 23.10.2015)

It was our great pleasure to have welcomed 47 participants to our Asa no Kai in Frankfurt. Our speaker, Mr. Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe GmbH, showed how Nintendo, founded in 1889 as a manufacturer of Hanafuda, Japanese playing cards, has continued to evolve not only in Japan, but throughout the global entertainment industry. With the launch of Nintendo Entertainment...  Weiterlesen »


Seminar: "Wachstumsindustrien und Geschäftsmöglichkeiten in Fukushima" (Düsseldorf, 13.10.2015)

Unterstützt durch: DJW, Umweltministerium des Landes NRW, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, IHK zu Düsseldorf, NRW.Invest, NRW International, JIHK  Weiterlesen »


DJW Seminar / DJW東京セミナー (Tokyo, 01.10.2015)

We were very happy to have welcomed 200 participants - representatives of German and Japanese companies, institutions as well as private persons active in the German-Japanese business relations - to our DJW seminar held on October 1st, 2015, in the Industry Club of Japan.  The seminar was opened by our DJW Chairman Mr. Gerhard Wiesheu; our guests were then welcomed by...  Weiterlesen »


DJW Kai / DJW会 with Professor Dr. Motoshige Itoh, President, National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA) (Frankfurt, 25.09.2015)

It was our great pleasure to have welcomed 45 participants to our DJW Kai in Frankfurt. Our speaker, Professor Dr. Motoshige Itoh, President of the National Institute for Research Advancement, shared his expert point of view on the past results and future capabilities of Abenomics and answered questions such as: Which achievements have been reached by Abenomics so far? Have the integrated...  Weiterlesen »


Unternehmertreffen Medizintechnik NRW – Japan (Olpe, 17.09.2015)

Unterstützt durch: DJW, CGW.NRW, JETRO, MedizinTechnik.NRW, AHK Japan, IHK Siegen  Weiterlesen »


DJW Seminar: "Japanese and German Companies Facing Globalization – The Challenges of Internationalization and Recruiting Young Talents" (Düsseldorf, 07.09.2015)

It was our great pleasure to have welcomed 100 participants to our DJW seminar held on September 7th, 2015. The seminar was organized in cooperation with Doshisha University and Heinrich-Heine University which also kindly provided us with the venue Oeconomicum.While globalization touches a number of fields in our every lifes, DJW wanted to especially focus on the effects that result with...  Weiterlesen »


Symposium: "Japanese and German Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – The Hidden Champions of our Economies" (Frankfurt, 09.07.2015)

Organizers: JETRO, AHK Japan; Cooperation Partners: Japanese Government, German Federal Government, GTAI, Japanese-German Business Association (DJW), IHK Frankfurt am Main  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」"Retail Market in Japan – Between high Potential and demanding Consumers" with Dr. Michael Heller, Member of the OTTO Management Board and Chairman of the Advisory Board Otto Japan Group (Hamburg, 03.07.2015)

32 members and friends of DJW attended our Asa no Kai in Hamburg in July 2015. We were honored to announce Dr. Michael Heller and Mr. Thilo Bendler, both Otto (Gmbh & Co KG), as speakers who vividly described Japan's retail market, its highly demanding consumers and Otto's according marketing strategies. The speakers shared their wide-ranging experience of almost 30 years...  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」"Long-Term Economic Effects of Japanese Roots in German Football" with Axel Hellmann, Chief Financial Officer, Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG (Frankfurt, 24.06.2015)

45 participants, members and friends of DJW, joined us at our Frankfurt Asa no Kai on June 24th.  The Bundesliga currently features 12 Japanese players – six of whom also play for the Japanese national team. This shows that Bundesliga plays an important role for the development and success of Japanese football and, at the same time, reflects the wide-ranging Japanese influence on the...  Weiterlesen »


Wirtschaftstag Japan 2015 / 「2015年日独経済シンポジウム」 (Düsseldorf, 01.06.2015)

Wachstumsmotor Gesundheitswirtschaft/ Medizintechnik: Trends und Innovationen in Deutschland, NRW und Japan, Investitions- und Kooperationschancen  Weiterlesen »