DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Dr. Mathias Kraas, Director R&D, Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe (Hamburg, 18.03.2016)

It was our great pleasure to have welcomed 38 members, partners and friends of DJW to our Asa no Kai in Hamburg. The speech of Dr. Kraas showed that Germany and Japan are, of course, two different economies but share various similarities and have to deal with similar (demographic) challenges: increasing average age of the population, rising demands for new treatment options, alternative...  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Dr. Kazuyuki Marukawa, Senior Executive Vice President, CS Energy Materials Ltd. (München, 22.02.2016)

It was our great pleasure to have welcomed many business men and women interested in this Asa no Kais' topic of intercultural challenges needed to be faced in a Japanese-German Joint Venture: Both H.C. Starck GmbH and JNC Corporation are not only internationally operating companies but also act in the German as well as in the Japanese market. Nevertheless, both pursue diverging ways of corporate...  Weiterlesen »


69. Deutsch-Japanische Wirtschaftsgespräche (Frankfurt, 18.02.2016)

Veranstalter: Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft e.V. Frankfurt am Main, Hojinkai - Vereinigung Japanischer Unternehmen in Frankfurt/Rhein-Main, Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis e.V. (DJW)  Weiterlesen »


Winter School Universität Augsburg: "Japanisches Recht – eine Einführung anhand von Fällen" (Augsburg, 18.-21.02.2016)

Das japanische Recht hat historisch bedingt große Ähnlichkeiten mit dem deutschen Recht und ist seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg stark vom US-amerikanischen Recht beeinflusst. Zusammen mit der auf Konsens ausgerichteten japanischen Rechtstradition ist eine interessante Mischrechtsordnung entstanden. Der Zugang zum japanischen Rechtsgebiet ist für deutsche Studierende aber nicht einfach. Insbesondere...  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Makoto Takeda, Managing Director, bistream (Berlin, 25.01.2016)

It was our great pleasure to welcome 40 participants to our first Asa no Kai of 2016 in Berlin. The focus of this Asa no Kai was the start-up ecosystem in Berlin. Berlin has been experiencing an impressive influx of talents and capital in the past years, especially in the tech start-up sector. The total investment in Berlin’s start-ups this year has already surpassed that of London’s. The...  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Gerhard Wiesheu, Chairman, DJW (Willich, 15.12.2015)

2015 has been a lively year for German-Japanese business relations: Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Japan before welcoming all G7 representatives to Germany, delegations of Japanese SMEs travelled to Germany on initiative of Prime Minister Shinzō Abe and a new tax agreement for the avoidance of double taxation has been agreed on. Moreover, after the successful conclusion of the TPP negotiations,...  Weiterlesen »


Vortrag: "Risiken und Chancen der japanischen Wirtschaft" (Köln, 25.11.2015)

Unterstützt durch: Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis (DJW)  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Dr. Nicolas Schauer, Managing Director, Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH (Düsseldorf, 23.11.2015)

It was our great pleasure to welcome 41 participants to our Asa no Kai. Many of the participants have already attended several Asa no Kai but today’s event was special in two ways: One: We were honoured that the just recently appointed Consul General of Japan here in Düsseldorf was able to join us. Mr. Mizuuchi only came to Düsseldorf two weeks ago and has had...  Weiterlesen »