DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Masayuki Koyanagi, Deputy Commissioner, Japan Patent Office (Düsseldorf, 10.04.2017)

It was our honor to welcome 53 participants to today's "Asa no Kai" in Düsseldorf. As Industry 4.0 is advancing and will further shape everyday lives, wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, low-cost robots and big data become topics of broadening interest. In order to master the demands and uprising – most of all – digital standards, (key) inventions at high-novelty level and...  Weiterlesen »


Green Ventures - Einladung zum internationalen Unternehmertreffen (Leipzig, 05.-07.04.2017)

Organisiert von IHK Potsdam, unterstützt durch den DJW, JETRO u.a.  Weiterlesen »


Unternehmertreffen Medizintechnik NRW - Japan: "Digitalisierung in der Medizintechnik" (Aachen, 03.04.2017)

Organisiert von NRW International; unterstützt durch den DJW, AHK, JETRO, IHK, CGW.NRW, Innovative Medizin.NRW  Weiterlesen »


Brexit Seminar:英国のEU離脱問題による日系企業への影響と対策 (Berlin, 30.03.2017)

Organized by PwC and Embassy of Japan in Germany; supported by DJW  Weiterlesen »


CeBIT - "Zwischen Realität und Virtualität"; Thementour und e-Ticket (Hannover, 20.03.2017)

Japan als Partnerland der CeBIT - Digitale Transformation sehen, erleben & verstehen  Weiterlesen »


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Dr. Volker Stanzel, Board Member, Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) and former Ambassador (Berlin, 01.03.2017)

Breathlessly the world anticipates various major changes to result from the shift of politics announced by the new American President Donald Trump. Many aspects regarding his foreign policy need to be clarified - but do we have reason to worry? At the same time, as the majority of the British has opted to leave the European Union, Prime Minister May now aims for a “hard” BREXIT which would...  Weiterlesen »


Germany-Japan Startups Platform - 1st General Conference between Berlin and Tokyo (Berlin and Tokyo, 28.02.2017)

A new generation of enterprises is on the rise in Japan and Germany: innovative startup companies with high growth potential are creating an emerging sector in our highly industrialized, knowledge-based economies. The idea for the “Germany-Japan Startups Platform” was born in 2016 when DJW made startups and their ecosystems in Germany and Japan topic of its anniversary symposia in Berlin and...  Weiterlesen »


Seminar: "Staatsverschuldung – Warum setzt Deutschland auf Konsolidierung?" (Tokyo, 20.02.2017)

Gemeinsame Veranstaltung des Deutschen Instituts für Japanstudien (DIJ) und des Deutsch-Japanischen Wirtschaftskreises (DJW)  Weiterlesen »