CeBIT - "Zwischen Realität und Virtualität"; Thementour und e-Ticket (Hannover, 20.03.2017)

Japan als Partnerland der CeBIT - Digitale Transformation sehen, erleben & verstehen [全文へ]


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Dr. Volker Stanzel, Board Member, Japanese-German Business Association (DJW) and former Ambassador (Berlin, 01.03.2017)

“America’s shifting policies, BREXIT and why we do need to care – Implications for Japanese and German companies” [全文へ]


Germany-Japan Startups Platform - 1st General Conference between Berlin and Tokyo (Berlin and Tokyo, 28.02.2017)

Exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience made by startups in Germany and Japan - virtually connected via Skype! [全文へ]


DJW "Asa no Kai" / DJW「朝の会」with Karl Haeusgen, Speaker of the Board of Management, HAWE Hydraulik SE (München, 16.02.2017)

"Level playing field: Are Japanese and German technology companies exploiting their reciprocal strength? – An industry’s perspective"  [全文へ]


Meeting of Working Group "GJPWN" within DJW (Düsseldorf, 09.02.2017)

German Japanese - Professional Women's Network [全文へ]


Symposium: "Regional economic integration of Japan and Asia" (Köln, 09.02.2017)

Organized by JKI Köln in cooperation with the Institute of East Asian Studies of the University of Duisburg-Essen; supported by DJW [全文へ]

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